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Joseph Valtellini

Joseph "Bazooka Joe" Valtellini is known in the world of kickboxing and martial arts with his explosive style and unparalleled technique. He has achieved numerous titles, including the Glory World Welterweight Champion, KF World Classic Light Middleweight Champion, CASK Amateur Canadian Middleweight Champion, and CAMTAO Super Middleweight Champion, contributing significantly to the growth of kickboxing in Canada.


Not only is Bazooka Joe a seasoned fighter, but he also excels as a skilled coach. Drawing on his experience as a martial artist, as well as, a high school physical education teacher, Joe has developed the Bazooka system--a kickboxing program that's incredibly effective in teaching beginners the ropes, and helping them progress in their kickboxing journey. While Joe emphasizes the importance of technique in his classes, he also helps students develop discipline, grit and confidence, both inside and outside the ring.

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