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Kickboxing Classes

At Bazooka Kickboxing, we have a wide range of Kickboxing classes from Co-Ed Beginners, Intermediate to Advance. We have world class fighters like Joseph Valtellini, along side his Bazooka team, who puts in the hard work to make sure all your martial arts goals are met.


Joe also believes that martial arts should be a sport that focuses on discipline, structure and routine. Each class is taught by an instructor who has loads of knowledge in the sport, and focuses on perfecting your kickboxing technique.

Whether you are looking to stay fit, train to become a stronger fighter, or just interested to learn more about the sport, don’t hesitate to call 416-289-9997 for a free class trial at Bazooka! You can also check our schedule for the next available Kickboxing class.







Start your martial arts journey with our Co-ed Kickboxing Classes. Improve cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle tone, and learn kickboxing fundamentals in this high-intensity program. Develop skills through pad work, bag work, and partner drills for a challenging workout. 

Class Highlights:

  • 60 minutes of class time

  • Burn up to 800 calories

  • Shed fat + get toned

  • Increase muscle


Intermediate Kickboxing

After learning the basics and graduating from the Co-ed program, you may qualify to start our Intermediate program. Expect the challenge and intensity to rise in every class, as our Intermediate classes focus on sparring & competition tactics.

Class Highlights:

  • 60 minutes of class time

  • Focus on sparring drills

  • Learning competition tactics

  • Higher intensity training


Advanced Kickboxing

Our Advanced Kickboxing program is reserved for the Bazooka Kickboxing Competition Team. This level currently trains amateur and professional athletes from different combat sports (Kickboxing, MMA, Karate Combat, Boxing, etc.)

Class Highlights:

  • 90-120 minutes of class time

  • Reserved for Bazooka Kickboxing Competition Team

  • Focus on training amateur and professional athletes 

Join us today and experience the excitement of kickboxing training with our energetic and passionate coaches.


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